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****Schedule Change July 5th****
Spread the word! We are staffed and just have to train our newly hired employees. Starting July 5th, we will be implementing "Summer Hours". The store will be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 4PM. We will look at expanding the hours of operation after our new hires have time to become familiar with the day to day operation of the store. Adding additional days of the week will most likely happen after the Summer. Thanks everyone for your patience.


Used for making glazes and augmenting your clay for desired effects and designs.


All you need to help create your original techniques and designs.

Glazes & STAINS

From Spectrum, Tucker's Pottery, Amaco and Pottery Supply House.


We carry popular clays from Tucker's, PSH, and will special order other brands too.

AlL OF Your pottery needs in one place

For over a decade, Capital Pottery Supplies has been serving the pottery community in Canada's Capital Region and surrounding areas. We are the only store in Ottawa while most other Ontario pottery suppliers are located in the Greater Toronto Area. Thanks to our personal and friendly service, expertise and commitment to service excellence, our customers not only travel several kilometres to see us, they keep coming back.

Whether your interest in pottery is professional for making your living or as a hobbyist or student taking a class at a school or community center, we have the supplies and expertise you need to shape your visions into decorative treasures.

Why Choose Us?

Our store has all of your pottery needs in one place. We carry a vast inventory of supplies for professionals, experienced potters, novices, and art teachers. We offer technical guidance and support for your creations and are happy to answer questions to help you troubleshoot any issues that may come up during the process, such as how to fire a kiln or what glaze to use. Visit Us Today!

Pottery in Canada's Capital Region