Magnesium Sulphate

Manganese Granular

Nepheline Syenite

Nickel Carbonate

Nickel Oxide

Ochre, Yellow

Paper Pulp


Plaster - Hydrocal

Plaster - Hydrostone

Pottery Plaster USG

Ravenscrag Slip

Rutile - Ceramic Grade

Silicon Carbide (400M)

Silicon Carbide 60 Mesh

Soda Ash NA203 - Light


Strontium Carbonate

Talc Texus

Tin Oxide

Titanium Dioxide

Zirconium Silicate

Umber Burnt

Whiting (CACO3)


Zinc Oxide Calcined

Ferro Frit 3110

Ferro Frit 3124

Ferro Frit 3134

Ferro Frit 3195

Ferro Frit 3292

Wax Resist

Magic Water

Magic Mender Low Fire

Aztec High Fire Mender

Foundry Hill Cream

Hawthorn Bond 50 MeshType your paragraph here.

Raw Materials

We live in an age of super abundance of ceramic raw materials. Here are a list of items that we carry or can be purchased as special orders. To see the Safety Data Sheets, click on the link below.

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Alberta Slip

Aluma Calcined

Alumina Hydrate

Barium Carbonate *Toxic

Barnard Slip Substitute


Bone Ash Ca3 (PO4) 2


Boric Acid

Chromium Oxide

Cobalt Carbonate

Cobalt Oxide

Copper Carbonate

Copper Oxide

Cornwall Stone Substitute


Dolomite High Grade

Feldspar Potash (Minspar 200)

Feldspar Soda (Minspar 200)

Flint Silica

Flint 75M (sand)

Gerstley Borate

Grog 20M Mulcoa Kaolin

Grog 35M Mulcoa Kaolin

Gum - CMC #7 M

Ilmenite, Granular

Ilmenite, Milled

Iron Chromate

Iron Oxide Black

Iron Oxide Red

Iron Oxide Spanish Red

Kyanite 100M

Kyanite 35M

Lithium Carbonate


Manganese Dioxide

Magnesium Carbonate