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Raw Materials

We carry a variety of ceramic ingredients, liquid ingredients and aids, dry clays, etc. These materials are sold in smaller quantities to meet individual needs, as well as larger quantities for schools and community centres. A complete list of raw materials will be available shortly. 


We carry different varieties of clay from Tucker's, PSH, such as Earthenware, Paper Clay, Stoneware, Porcelain, Raku, Casting Slips, and Self Hard clay. Click here to see examples of clay we carry. We will special order other brands too. Buy bulk and save!Call us for more details. 

Not sure if we carry it? Call us or use the Contact Us form to get more details. If we don't have it, we will order it.

Studio Supplies and Equipment

Cones, bats, bisqued tiles, cones and cones plaques are only a few of the items that we carry. A complete list of studio supplies will be made available shortly.

Pottery wheels, kilns and other equipments are also available through special orders. 

Glazes and Underglazes

We sell glazes and underglazes for all of your pottery. FromSpectrum, Tucker's Pottery, Amaco and Pottery Supply House. For examples of glazes we carry, click here. For a list of underglazes we carry, click here.

Ceramic Decals

We carry a variety of Sanbao decals in a red, black, green and blue. Introductory price is $4 a sheet.

Tools, Brushes, Sponges, etc.

All you need to help create your original techniques and designs. We carry a variety of tools from Kemper, Mudtools, Dirty Girls, etc. Sponges, edgers, trimming tools, oh my!  A complete inventory of our tools will be available shortly. NEW - We now carry XIEM tools!